Many of the low-income families in Nigeria are choosing to send their children to low-fee private schools.

These schools are owned and operated by local school proprietors who charge an low-fee tuition to parents who demand more access and accountability than the government sector can provide. However, poor access to finance represents a major obstacle for these low-fee private schools.

This insecurity can undermine the sustainability of the school as a business, as it prevents them from investing in improvement of the quality of the education they provide.

Often operating in an informal manner, they lack the government approval certificates, collateral and financial records needed to raise credit with financial institutions..


We work with the low-fee private schools by supporting them through trainings, providing access to loans and enhancing education technology.

Our aim is to work with these low-fee private school to attain improved academics and become financially sustainable as they grow with us. .


Our endeavor is to be a school’s most valuable and long-term partner as it grows and improves to reach its full potential. We accomplish this by being agile, responsive and supportive while ensuring minimal disruption in the school’s daily routine.